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Hello I'm Tuck John Porter a.k.a. Designer TJP. Welcome to the world of a Renaissance Styled Artist.

I create, design, and love several disciplines in the arts such as Fashion and Costume Design, Advertising and Graphic Design, Dancing and Go-Go Dance Gigs, and Wild Prose Expression.

Click on any one of my favorite subjects below to see drawings, paintings, photos, creative prose, pages devoted to Special Effect Costume Design, Movie and TV Props, actual dance footage, a Links Page, and my Resume.
Please feel free to hit my site often, as I will update each artistic area on a regular basis. Actually that's not true about me updating this website all the time. I'm busy doing stuff for other folks and their websites to even get time to fix up mine. Don't feel like joining FaceBook or Twitter yet (because I don't want my High School Art Teacher to find out I still don't own a Lexus or a 3 bedroom suburban house with 2.5 kids yet). You may also find me on eBay as Designer_TJP.

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